In the current trend of globalization is characterized by the development in all sectors in the short, medium and long term in order to face the competition of free trade in the future then this situation

has provided an opportunity for the private sector to participate actively take part in this


it is an honor and pride for PT. TOTAL POWER PERKASA to be able to participate and contribute actively to implement our products to the owner, consultant, developer, end user or set of associations and in particular in the field of electrical as opportunity and hope to get to the development and progress

of the nation of Indonesia.

The beginning of development in all sectors of PT. TOTAL POWER PERKASA always comes to partner in the procurement of low-voltage electrical panel products and services with a commitment

to effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction of partners.



PT. TOTAL POWER PERKASA was established on june 30, 2011 and earlier in 2007 know as CV. TOTAL POWERINDO PRATAMA to have two (2) line bussines as a manufactured of low voltage electrical panel assembly and service services

PT. TOTAL POWER PERKASA is 100% local company that manufactures and assembly the low voltage electrical panel that has factory and experienced experts in the field and has been operating commercially



Name of brand electrical panel products manufactured by PT. TOTAL POWER PERKASA is TOTAL POWER

VISI : By creating and producing Iow-voltage electrical panel that has a high value of benefits for development in all sectors both domestically and abroad.

MISSION : Sell valuable products competitive, safe and accompanaied by the best service to meet customer expectations



PT. TOTAL POWER PERKASA in conducting bussines entity registered at no. 74 on the 30 of june 2011 and have terms and legality as follows

  • TDP No: 100714608384
  • Surat Keputusan Menteri Kehakiman RI No: AHU-35439.AH.01.01 Tahun 2011
  • NPWP No: 3353.571.8-413.000, klasifikasi perdagangan besar bahan-bahan konstruksi
  • Surat Pengukuhan pengusaha kena Pajak No: PEM-01970/WPJ.22/KP.0203/2011
  • Surat keterangan domisili No:503/28/EK/VIV/2011
  • SIUP No: 509/2-402/-BPPT/PM-00/VIII/2011




PT. TOTAL POWER PERKASA is specialist manufacturer of low voltage electrical panel assembly which include Motor Control Center, Mains Distribution Panel, Sub Distribution Panel, Generator Control Panel (AMF & Synchronizing), Telecommunications Panel, Capacitor Panel, Power Pump Panel, Fan Panel, Escalator Panel, AHU Panel, Chiller panel, Mimic panel, Lighting panel and request custom panel as needed customer. And we have a business engineering services in the design of electrical systems, Busduct installation, medium voltage installation, transformer maintenance, generator maintenance and testing commissioning.


All of these products are low voltage electrical panel assembled by TOTAL POWER designed base on international standards (IEC Standard), PUIL and other applicable standards.


Personnel engineering PT. TOTAL POWER PERKASA have had a lot of experience in engineering design, system engineering and manufacturing of low voltage panels, familiar with the design for a commercial building (Apartment, Mall, Office Building, Hospital) Mining, oil & gas, cement, telecommunications, food and beverages and other industry standards in Indonesia.