TOTAL POWER PERKASA is a specialist manufacturer of low voltage electrical panel assembly that produces Motor Control Center, Distribution Main Panel, Distribution Sub Panel, General Control Panel (AMF & Synchron), Telecommunication Panel, Capacitor Panel, Pump Power Panel, Fan Panel, Escalator Panel, AHU Panel, Chiller Panel, Mimic Panel, Illumination Panel and custom panel requests according to customer requirements. We also provide electrical system design engineering services, busduct installation, medium voltage panel installation, transformer maintenance, generator maintenance and testing commissioning for low and medium voltage.



  • All low voltage electrical panel products are manufactured by TOTAL POWER
  • Made based on international standards (IEC Standard), PUIL and other applicable standards.


Engineering Personnel of PT. TOTAL POWER PERKASA has experience in electrical panel design, electrical systems, familiar with designs for commercial buildings (Apartments, Malls, Office Buildings, Hospitals) Mining, Oil and gas, Factories, Telecommunications and other industry standards in Indonesia.